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Michpal Group stands out as Israel's premier provider of end-to-end solutions for the entire employee lifecycle, from recruitment to retirement. At the core of its offerings, Michpal Group payroll software solutions enable its clients, both payroll service providers and enterprises, to efficiently prepare and process payslips supporting journals, summaries, and management reports. Michpal Group’s software solutions are instrumental in facilitating the preparation of monthly and year-end regulatory and legislative payroll tax statements, alongside other forms such as those related to payroll social and income taxes.


Michpal's clients gain access to unparalleled expertise, drawing from extensive experience with over 7,000 organizations and more than a million payslips across all Israeli business sectors. This vast experience allows clients to consult with Michpal Group’s seasoned team of professionals, including employment attorneys and HR experts, on various matters such as payroll, labor, pensions, social security, and employee income taxes.


Over four decades, Michpal has continuously refined and expanded its payroll modules to meet the evolving business needs of thousands of Israeli organizations. These modules are designed to work seamlessly with other HR modules (such as Time & Attendance, HR, Pension, etc.), unified by a single database. This integration eliminates the necessity for multiple databases and interfaces, significantly reducing human errors and enabling considerable cost savings. Michpal's experts are committed to leveraging legislative benefits to the fullest, establishing control mechanisms that prevent violations and deviations, ensuring compliance and efficiency.


Further enriching its portfolio, Michpal offers proprietary integrated management systems tailored for financial accounting, taxation, and compliance. These software solutions cater to accounting professionals, including accountants, tax consultants, bookkeepers, controllers, and CFOs. For over forty years, Michpal Group has instilled complete confidence in its clients regarding their actions and decisions. The Group's solutions encompass specialized financial software for the preparation and reporting of financial statements, tax declarations, both single-entry and double-entry bookkeeping, and fixed asset management and depreciation calculations, marketed under the brand name RamNihul, RamPlus and Heshev